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Roundup: "Igniting Change in Juvenile Justice" Webinar and More

Juvenile Justice System and Adolescent Behavioral Health News

Roundup: Proven Practices for Improving Education and Employment for Disadvantaged Young Men - and More

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Roundup: BJA Funds for Juvenile Reentry Courts - and More

juvenile-justice-reform-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice System Funding News

  • The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has launched a Grants 101 web page to assist applicants.
  • Also, the Bureau of Justice Assistance has announced a Second Chance Act grant for state, local, and tribal reentry courts. The target population includes youth released from juvenile detention facilities. Application deadline is June 3, 2010. (Hat tip to the National Reentry Resource Center.)
  • The Employment and Training Administration announced the availability of approximately $20 million for two grants to prepare young adult (ages 18 to 24) offenders and high school dropouts in high-poverty, high-crime communities for employment. Only national and regional intermediaries with experience conducting multi-site projects and experience serving young adult offenders will be eligible. The Department expects to award two grants of $10 million each, covering a six-month planning period and two full years of operation. Grantees will be required to competitively select local sub-grantees to operate the program in a minimum of five high-poverty, high-crime communities across at least two States.  Application deadline: May 10th.  

Roundup: No, Girls Aren't Getting Meaner and Kids Entering the Justice System Aren't Getting Younger

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Roundup: OJJDP Offers Mentoring Monies for Juvenile Reentry; and More

  • juvenile-justice-system-news_old-TVThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) is offering more funds to support mentoring for teens in the justice system. Through the Second Chance Act Mentoring Initiative, they're calling for proposals to support youth reentering their communities after incarceration. Deadline is April 27th, 2010. 

News and Research about the Juvenile Justice System

Roundup: Working with Defiant Adolescents in Treatment; Advocates' Guide to Improving Mental Health Treatment for Kids in the Juvenile Justice System; and More

juvenile-justice-reform-adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice System - Grants

Here's links to several funding opportunities and a specific fundor. Not all are juvenile-specific. The pool of plausible applicants for several of these will be quite narrow. 


Roundup: Justice Department Launches Indigent Defense Program; Justice Policy Institute Slams Obama's Justice Budget; NIDA "Blending" Science and Service Conference; and More

juvenile-justice-system-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice System and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment News

Roundup: Research Says Juvenile Justice Systems Make Boys Recidivate; Addiction Treatment Resources; and More

juvenile-justice-reform-adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice Reform News

Roundup: National Drug Control Strategy Could Change Addiction Treatment ... and More

Editor's Picks: Stories of the Week

New Federal Drug Control Strategy

  • If you manage an adolescent substance abuse treatment agency or system, you won't want to miss this recorded webinar. The Obama Administration’s ambitious national drug control strategy, due out until February, could double or triple the number of people getting treatment by integrating addiction treatment into doctor’s offices. There will also be a new focus on treating offenders and an overall emphasis on recovery in addition to treatment. Check it out - it's completely worth your time.

Roundup: "Culture of Violence" in NY's juvenile prisons; Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Juvenile Justice System; Parity Legislation May Change Business of Addiction Treatment; and More

juvenile-justice-reform-adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice Reform News

  • The New York Times published a strong editorial arguing for immediate and decisive action on the part of the federal government to address shockingly high rates of sexual abuse in juvenile detention centers and prisons around the country. (Last week, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) published the first-ever report of its kind on the sexual victimization of teens behind bars.)
  • James Bell of the W. Haywood Burns Institute seized on the BJA's report to deliver another eloquent, blistering column on the state of the juvenile justice system this week: "Captured by the Clueless." If you're interested in Bell's work on disproportionate minority contact, you should also check out his interview with John Kelly of Youth Today.
  • Gotham Gazette published an excellent look at New York state's struggle to get rid of the "culture of violence" in its juvenile justice system. (Hat tip to @policy4results.) Staff-vs.-youth violence has been documented in reports by the U.S. Department of Justice, a task force set up by the governor of New York, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Human Rights Watch. The Gotham Gazette piece does a good job of explaining the frustrations of reformers as well as the counter-arguments of union representatives. But what resonated most strongly with me was this quote:

The 17-year-old who spent time in the state's facilities said the workers' attitudes varied. "Some staff was like, 'Let them be kids'; other staff was like, 'They did a crime.' Others were like, 'I just don't care 'cause I still get paid.' There was some staff that really helped me and there were others that didn't care," she recalled.

Roundup: Federal Survey Shows Sexual Victimization High at 13 Juvenile Detention Centers; Upcoming CADCA Conference; SAPRP on Barriers to Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

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Roundup: 20 Key Stories of 2009

juvenile-justice-system-adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-2009-news_signOnly recently, I shared our 10 most popular posts, eight of the best resources published on this blog on improving adolescent drug treatment, and a list of positive activities for kids in the justice system. (That was all to celebrate the blog's first birthday, in November.)
But looking back over our posts for 2009, I see we never compiled a list of the most important stories of the year. Stories, in other words, that might herald major shifts in policy, breakthroughs in the research, or that were important enough to make the national news.  Those, then, comprise the 20 stories I've collected below.

Roundup: Celebration of OJJDP at 35; Only Half of U.S. Youth with Mental Disorders Are Treated; Little Progress for African-American Youth in Justice System; and More

juvenile-justice-adolescent-mental-health-news_old-TVJuvenile Justice: OJJDP at 35

  • Almost all of the past administrators of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) gathered at a historic forum in Washington, D.C. to celebrate OJJDP's 35th birthday and reflect on their successes and challenges. The forum, held in November, was organized by Youth Today.


Coalition for Juvenile Justice 2010 Conference

juvenile-justice-reform_CJJ-logoThe Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) is pleased to announce its 2010 Annual National Conference, Hill Day and Member Meeting, to be held April 10-13 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown, Washington, DC.
The theme of the conference, “Ensuring School Engagement and Success for Youth At-Risk” is expected to draw more than 250 juvenile justice practitioners and advocates from across the U.S. and its territories.
Primary goals for the 2010 CJJ annual conference include:

Roundup: "The Keeper and the Kept"; National Standard for Juvenile Recidivism; Free Webinar on Reducing No-Shows in Treatment

Juvenile Justice Reform & Related News

Roundup: Introducing "At-Promise" Teens; Girls in the Justice System Often Poly-Victimized; SAMHSA Data on Teen Behavioral Health

adolescent-substance-abuse-juvenile-justice-system-news-old-TVJuvenile Justice System News (Mostly)

Roundup: OJJDP Needs Assessment Survey; LGBT Youth in Juvenile Court; CRAFFT Predicts Teens' High-Risk Sexual Behavior

juvenile-justice-adolescent-substance-abuse-news-old-TVYour Juvenile Justice System: Share Local Needs with OJJDP

  • What training and technical assistance does your system need?  The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) wants to know. Complete their online needs assessment for your juvenile justice system, and help them improve their understanding of local needs to build capacity and sustainability among juvenile justice organizations. 

Juvenile Justice System and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment News

Roundup: Update on the JJDPA; Treatment Agencies Improve Services & Bottom Line; Two Innovative Crime-Reduction Practices; and More

juvenile-justice-reform-adolescent-substance-abuse-news-roundup-TVJuvenile Justice Reform News

Nearly $3.7 Million in Federal Funds Awarded to Help New Reclaiming Futures Sites Turn Teen Lives Around

New federal funding has been awarded to expand the Reclaiming Futures model into three more juvenile drug courts across the country over the next four years.
The nearly $3.7 million federal investment was announced by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). RWJF is providing approximately $1 million in additional technical assistance to implement the Reclaiming Futures model.

Roundup: Possible Nominee for OJJDP Chief; Chicago's Unusual Anti-Violence Plan; Heritage Foundation Study Challenges Juvenile LWOP Stats

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