Roundup: Justice Department Launches Indigent Defense Program; Justice Policy Institute Slams Obama's Justice Budget; NIDA "Blending" Science and Service Conference; and More

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  • Why do so many school districts still use the D.A.R.E. drug prevention program, despite a fair amount of research showing that it's ineffective? The answers might surprise you. Check out "Lessons from the Battle over D.A.R.E.: the Complicated Relationship between Research and Practice," a short report from the Center for Court Innovation and the Bureau of Justice Affairs. A fascinating case study on the fascinating interplay between researchers and decision-makers.  (Hat tip to @policy4results.)
  • "As the nation faces policy challenges over juvenile delinquency and subsequent crime, one all-but-forgotten option remains as promising as ever despite its virtual absence in recent national discussions and debates: a comprehensive daycare and after-school care policy." That's from "Delinquency and Daycare," which appeared recently in the Harvard Law & Policy Review. (Hat tip to Policy for Results.)

Learning Opportunities: Conferences, Webinars, Etc.

  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) will host "Blending Addiction Science and Treatment:  Evidence-Based Treatment and Prevention in Diverse Populations and Settings," on April 22-23, 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Updated: February 08 2018