Join us: Become a Reclaiming Futures site

The Reclaiming Futures model is used in over 15 states nationwide, and by over 40 communities, large and small. John Jay College of Criminal Justice researchers have been involved in the evaluation of Reclaiming Futures since our launch in 2001; their most recent evaluation report (Butts et. al., 2016) finds that sites engaged with Reclaiming Futures report better access to services and improved resource management.

Bring Reclaiming Futures to your state or tribal lands

Investing in Reclaiming Futures offers a rare opportunity to re-engineer juvenile justice in whole states or regions; it also saves money and cuts recidivism. A recent national evaluation found that Reclaiming Futures generated $11 million in cost savings over one year, and promoted better outcomes for teens and communities.

We are looking for state and tribal funding partners to help us spread the model. To get started, check out Investing in Reclaiming Futures. In this document, you’ll learn:

  • Why Reclaiming Futures is needed in every state and how our model works
  • What Reclaiming Futures communities do and what services they receive
  • Four action items to make a state or tribal-level Reclaiming Futures initiative work
  • How you can get involved

How we work

Our national Learning Collaborative methodology is critical to successful local implementation and sustainability at a new site. It provides a teaching platform for the National Program Office (NPO), as well as peer support and technical guidance for sites to take risks in reform and innovation. We establish a cross-system leadership structure at a new site, and each site leadership team includes fellowship for a Project Director and a senior decision-maker in each of these four professional domains:

  • Judicial
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Treatment
  • Community and/or Youth Development

Learn more

For more information, or to arrange a presentation, contact Reclaiming Futures National Executive Director Evan Elkin at (503) 725-8914, or by email at

Updated: September 06 2019