Roundup: No, Girls Aren't Getting Meaner and Kids Entering the Justice System Aren't Getting Younger

juvenile-justice-system-news_old-TVNews - Juvenile Justice System and Alcohol and Drugs

Resources for Working in the Juvenile Justice System and Leading Systems Change

  • Want to improve how your community addresses juvenile reentry? Strategic planning is the key, and the National Reentry Resource Center brings you resources from the Reentry Policy Council, the Urban Institute and the Crime and Justice Institute to help you do it. 
  • Paul Savery, who is the Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Co-ordinator at the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services, sent me a link to "Apps for Healthy Kids,"a contest to design software to encourage kids to live healthy, active lives. Paul thought we should have something similar for teens abusing alcohol and drugs who are in trouble with the law. Why don't we? 
  • There's a lot of food for thought (especially for Reclaiming Futures communities) in A Public Health Approach to Children's Mental Health: a Conceptual Framework, from the Center for Child and Human Development. (H/t to Paul Savery.)
  • Don't miss "Coalitions and Partnerships: Maximizing Community Potential," an excellent PowerPoint presentation from Dr. Frances Butterfoss that lays out the strengths and pitfalls of building a successful coalition. It begins with an extended analogy to "The Lord of the Rings." (H/t to Paul Savery.)
  • "Changing Systems is Like Moving a Mountain" is a new publication from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, packed with useful insights into how to move that mountain. (H/t to Mark Fulop.)


Updated: February 08 2018