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Roundup: Four Inspiring Programs for Teens in the Justice System, Cocaine Vaccine on Horizon, and Much More

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Roundup: Half of all U.S. Kids are Assaulted Each Year; Pitting Pre-Schoolers Against Teens in Budget Fights Is Bad Policy; and More

Roundup: Meth Now Easier to Make; 1 in 5 Teens Share Prescription Drugs; and More

  • teens-share-drugs-news-old-TVSomething to think about the next time you drug test a youth: one in five teens share prescription drugs (and so do 40% of adults). 
  • Making methamphetamine is now easier, thanks to the growing popularity of an alternate, "shake and bake" method. It's easier for addicts to make in small batches and requires only a small amount of pseudophedrine to manufacture -- well under the mandatory limits set in place several years ago to halt meth's spread.  

Roundup: Calls for Juvenile Justice Reform to Stop New York Abuses; ADHD Drug Abuse Up 76%

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Roundup: Juvenile Justice System Increases Teen Recidivism as Adults; Test "Predicts" Likelihood of Gang Involvement; Heavy Drinking Linked to Teens' Mental Health Problems; and More

  • juvenile-justice-news-adolescent-substance-abuse-news-old-TVTeens in the juvenile justice system are more likely to commit crimes as adults because delinquent behavior is "contagious", according to a 20-year research project in Canada. The solutions? More investments in prevention programs for pre-adolescents, and ending the practice of grouping delinquent youth together in services designed to help them. (No advice on how to accomplish the latter item.)

Changing Behavior Without Treatment? Provocative Results from Hawaii

adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment-different-approach-book-coverPeople who are truly chemically dependent and drug addicted often require treatment to change their behavior, but not all offenders (especially juvenile offenders) are truly drug dependent. We need effective ways to help them change their behavor too. 
What if youthful offenders were guaranteed to receive a short, mild sanction with each and every violation of their court-ordered probation? Such a program would be far cheaper than drug treatment, but would it change behavior? 

Roundup: A Guide for Juvenile Defenders in Juvenile Court; New E-Guide for Parents on Adolescent Substance Abuse; and More

  • juvenile-court-adolescent-substance-abuse-news-TVDo too many teens in your juvenile court waive their right to counsel? The Southern Juvenile Defender Center (of the Southern Poverty Law Center) just issued a teen-friendly brochure for Florida teens in juvenile court to convince them not to waive counsel. Best of all: you may be able to have the brochure adapted for your state by contacting Marion Chartoff.  

Roundup: Juvenile Justice Reform Gets New Tool; Adolescent Substance Abuse Grants Available; 15% of Teens Think They'll Die Young; and More

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The Juvenile Justice System on TV: Lake County, Indiana

juvenile-justice-system-screenshot-from-MSNBC-show-Lockup-Lake-County-IndianaAbout six weeks ago, I noted that MSNBC was going to air six episodes on the Lake County, Indiana juvenile justice system on its show, "Lockup."
In an unusual move, the judge in Lake County gave MSNBC full access to film the youth. I haven't seen the show, but here's a local review [removed because of dead link]. You can catch a riveting -- and heartbreaking -- 5-minute trailer for "Lake County Juvenile Justice here.
Has anyone had a chance to see the actual show? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought. 

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Reclaiming Futures Featured in North Carolina Newspaper

Reclaiming-Futures-in-the-news-NC-guy-with-megaphoneThe Reclaiming Futures site in Orange/Chatham Counties, North Carolina received some welcome press yesterday from the Herald-Sun newspaper.
The story's available only if you're a subscriber to the paper, so here's a summary: it succinctly described the local site's efforts to coordinate alcohol and substance abuse treatment for kids in the justice system and included a call to community members to spend time with teens and help connect them to positive activites.
Quoted in the article were Reclaiming Futures Fellows Judge Beverly Scarlett, Billie Guthrie (project director), and Peggy Hamlett (chief juvenile court counselor). Congratulations to the whole team!

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Juvenile Drug Court in Dayton Gets Positive Press

Reclaiming Futures isn't mentioned by name, but its spirit is nicely evoked in this short piece on the juvenile drug court in Dayton, Ohio - one of the original 10 Reclaiming Futures sites. Congratulations, Dayton!
UPDATE: There's also a great 28-photo essay covering the kids' drug court graduation ceremony, and the speech of NBA star Daequan Cook, who came to speak to the graduates