Roundup: Detention Reform Celebrates 20 Years' Success; Prevention Cost-Benefit Tool from SAMHSA; and More

  • juvenile-justice-adolescent-treatment-news_oldTVAfter two decades of juvenile justice reform, the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Juvenile Detention Reform Initiative (JDAI) has released a report documenting its impressive progress. (I'll link to the report when I get hold of it.)
  • The Baltimore Sun, reacting to a horrible recent incident where a youth on community detention fired shots that accidentally killed a 5-year-old girl, says Baltimore's juvenile justice system needs an overhaul to deal with its repeat violent offenders. At the same time, a restorative justice program in the city is having excellent results in reducing recidivism. Like many other restorative justice "conferencing" programs, it doesn't take on violent crimes, but staff think they could be successful with them. 

Updated: February 08 2018