Roundup: National Drug Control Strategy Could Change Addiction Treatment ... and More

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New Federal Drug Control Strategy

  • If you manage an adolescent substance abuse treatment agency or system, you won't want to miss this recorded webinar. The Obama Administration’s ambitious national drug control strategy, due out until February, could double or triple the number of people getting treatment by integrating addiction treatment into doctor’s offices. There will also be a new focus on treating offenders and an overall emphasis on recovery in addition to treatment. Check it out - it's completely worth your time.

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Juvenile Justice and Substance Abuse Treatment News

  • Did you know that there are a half million people in this country (both adults and juveniles) who are sitting in jail because they can’t make bail? What's more, they often sit there for months at a time. NPR did a multi-part story on this problem, the huge cost to taxpayers, and the influence of the bail bond industry. To quote the story, these people are in jail,

“… not because they're dangerous or a threat to society or because a judge thinks they will run. It's not even because they are guilty; they haven't been tried yet. They are here because they can't make bail — sometimes as little as $50.”

(Hat tip to @mattjkelley and @piper.)

Resources and Opportunities

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Updated: February 08 2018