OJJDP Funding 2011: Family Drug Courts, Juvenile Probation Census

juvenile-justice-system_money-prismThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has announced the following funding opportunities:

  • Family Drug Court Programs - The Family Drug Courts Program builds the capacity of states, state and local courts, units of local government, and federally-recognized Indian tribal governments to either implement new drug courts or enhance pre-existing drug courts for individuals with substance abuse disorders or substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders including histories of trauma, involved with the family dependency court as a result of child abuse, neglect, and other parenting issues.
    Deadline June 20, 2011
  • National Juvenile Probation Census Project - This program supports the implementation and ongoing development and maintenance of two complementary national data collection programs that make up OJJDP’s National Juvenile Probation Census Project (NJPCP): the Census of Juvenile Probation Supervision Offices (CJPSO) and the Census of Juveniles on Probation (CJP).
    Deadline: June 29, 2011

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Photo: TW Collins

Updated: February 08 2018