National Drug Control Budget Supports Treatment and Prevention

On Wednesday, April 10, President Obama announced the largest requested percentage increase in federal funding for drug treatment in over two decades.
The President’s Budget requests a $1.5 billion increase for treatment and prevention services, over the fiscal year 2012 level.
Please take a moment to review the funding highlights:

  • $76.8 million will fund grants made directly to approximately 605 community‐based coalitions (including 139 new grants) focusing on preventing youth substance use
  • President Obama’s drug budget calls for $1.5 billion increase for drug treatment and prevention over fiscal year 2012.
  • The budget calls for largest requested percentage increase in drug treatment funding in over two decades.
  • The total amount requested for treatment and prevention is $10.7 billion.

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Susan Richardson is national executive director for Reclaiming Futures. Formerly, she was a senior program officer in the health care division of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in North Carolina, where she led a three-year effort involving the state's juvenile justice and treatment leaders to adopt the Reclaiming Futures model by juvenile courts in six North Carolina counties. She received her B.S. in Public Health, Health Policy and Administration, from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Updated: February 08 2018