Most Popular Juvenile Justice Blog Posts | October 2012

Did you miss some of our blog posts last month? Not to worry - here's a round-up of our most popular posts from October 2012.
10. [NEW REPORT] Community Solutions for Youth in Trouble
Over the past few years, Texas has shifted youth rehabilitation from large state-run facilities to smaller community programs. And they're seeing great results.
9. October is National Youth Justice Awareness Month
Last month, over 20 states are holding events to raise awareness about youth justice issues and the juvenile justice system.
8. 7 Core Principles to Change the Course of Youth Justice
A new article from the New York Law School Law Review examines problems with the juvenile justice system and offers solutions for a more productive youth justice system.
7. NC Teens, Police, Community Join Forces to Stop Bullying Epidemic 
Recognizing the need to address bullying in schools, young people in North Carolina partnered with police officers and community members to create a short movie against bullying.

6. What's the Best Way to Train People to Use Evidence-Based Practices?
Evidence-based practices are essential when working with youth, but it can be difficult to implement them.
5. New Findings on Youth Brain Development and Decision Making
New research looking at specific areas of the brain and how they function when involved in particular activities and thinking may be useful for juvenile justice advocates.
4. Bath Salts: The Drug that Never Lets Go 
Where did bath salts come from and what exactly do they do? PBS Newshour investigates and explains why taking bath salts is like turning on the kitchen faucet and closing the drain.
3. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study -- the Largest Public Health Study You Never Heard Of
What is the Adverse Childhood Experience study and how does it relate to the juvenile justice field?
2. The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Teen Crime
Consistent and substantial evidence exists that supports the relationship between substance abuse and criminal behaviors in youth.
1. Rethinking Juvenile Justice: Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Crossover Youth
Crossover youth are more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system, have lower educational attainment and mental health problems. A new initiative from Sierra Health Foundation aims to help crossover youth using evidence-based practices.
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