Internet addiction linked to drug abuse and more: new roundup

Juvenile Justice Reform

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Internet addiction linked to drug abuse
    ABC News
    Parents already panicky about the amount of time their teenage children spend online may now have something new to worry about: All those hours spent Web surfing, chatting, gaming, texting and posting to Facebook could be a warning sign of substance abuse, according to a new study in the March issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine.
  • Public health groups: convenience stores and tobacco companies entice kids to smoke
    Join Together
    A new report by three public health groups charges tobacco companies have made convenience stores important partners in enticing minors to smoke through marketing and fighting policies that reduce tobacco use.
  • Young people turn to AA to break the grip of alcohol and drugs
    The Kansas City Star
    At a time when binge drinking remains at epidemic levels, and as tens of thousands of high school and college students begin packing for spring break destinations where alcohol flows freely, thousands of other young people nationwide will flow into meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • The Road to Juvenile Justice: The Intersection of Restorative Justice and Disproportionate Minority Contact
    Practitioners in the juvenile justice system must seek additional ways to provide effective services for youth affected by Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC), while continuing to be mindful of public safety. Restorative Justice practices implemented at various points of the "nine points of contact" can be effective tools in reducing DMC. This webinar will examine strategies - including Circles and Conferences - used in both rural and urban settings. It will consider how careful implementation of these strategies can help in local DMC-reduction efforts.
    When: March 14 at
  • Data Collection and Analysis 
    The final webinar in the series Assessing Project Performance: Building Blocks of Evaluation and Performance Measurement addresses both the collection and use of program data. The presentation will explain processes associated with data collection and analysis, including techniques to ensure data collection is both uniform and systematic. Presenters will also provide strategies for presenting the results of program data analysis, and discuss the internal and external usefulness of program data for improvement and sustainability.
    When: March 22 at

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Updated: February 08 2018