Funding Opportunity from Threshold Foundation

Threshold Foundation is a donor-based fund that seeks to ensure human rights for youth impacted by the criminal justice and drug policy systems, and political rights for those in historically  disenfranchised communities. The foundation's Justice & Democracy Committee is accepting letters of intent (LOIs) no later than September 25 from non-profit organizations working in the following focus areas:

1. Criminal justice reform efforts that benefit youth (programs for children of the incarcerated, rehabilitation, transformative justice alternatives to incarceration, spiritual and emotional healing, and re-entry) and transform criminal justice systems and policies that negatively impact youth (the "school-to-prison pipeline", aggressive sentencing, racial profiling).

2. Drug policy reform organizations working to end drug laws that criminalize youth of color, halt racially discriminatory policing practices and remove barriers to education for currently or previously incarcerated youth.
LOI due September 25, 2009.

Updated: February 08 2018