Fit for Trial in the Juvenile Justice System (and More) -- News Roundup

  • New Findings: Important Implications for Young People in Foster Care
    Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative challenges policymakers and practitioners to implement new strategies to help young people in foster care succeed as independent adults. Recommendations include helping youth connect to families and develop age-appropriate skills and relationships.
  • Test: Is this Young Person Fit for Trial?
    A New Ohio law spells out standards for judging juveniles’ competency. The new law, House Bill 86, goes into effect on Sept. 30. (Hat tip to Youth Transition Funders Group)
  • Real World Challenges in Technology Transfer and Implementation Science
    Addiction Treatment and Technology Center of New England summarize some key issues, models, and processes in implementing evidence-based practices and programs with fidelity.
  • Register for Summit: "Your City's Families"
    The biennial National Summit on Your City's Families, the nation's largest gathering of municipal leaders who are working to improve the lives of children, youth and families in their communities will be held Nov. 10-12 in Phoenix, Arizona. Topics of the sessions include:

    - Education from Early Childhood through College
    - Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Programs
    - Positive Engagement and Support of Immigrant Families
    - Public Safety and Violence Prevention
    - Reengagement Strategies for Disconnected Youth
    - Health and Wellness Initiatives
    - Poverty Reduction and Economic Self-Sufficiency


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Updated: February 08 2018