Blog: Faces and Voices of Recovery

Young People in Recovery: Messaging and Media Training Webinars

We all know how much influence the media wields; let's use that power for the greater good!
Thanks to Faces and Voices of Recovery, young people and their family members can learn how to communicate more effectively with the media, as well as friends and family, about the reality of recovery. 
In two 90-minute webinars, trainers Justin Luke Riley, of Young People in Recovery, and Pat Taylor, of Faces and Voices of Recovery, use communications tools like human interest and media stories to reach policymakers, educate the public and recruit new members to the recovery movement.
I encourage you to take advantage of the free online training tools and watch the online webinars  to create your own strong messages and make a difference in your community.  

Life in Recovery: New Survey Results

surveyFindings from the first nationwide survey of persons in recovery from addiction was recently released by Faces & Voices of Recovery. The report documents importance of investments in recovery by:

  • Quantifying the recovery experience over time - Less than three years; three to 10 years; and 10 years and more.
  • Outlining the costs of addiction.
  • Documenting the dramatic improvements in life, from visiting an emergency room to paying taxes.

The survey was developed, conducted, and analyzed in collaboration with Alexandre Laudet, Ph.D., Director of the Center for the Study of Addictions and Recovery at the National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.
Please take a moment to browse the survey results and recommendations. These documents are must-read material for those working in the field of substance abuse treatment.