Does the Federal Government Spend Enough on Children?

federal-spending-on-teens-and-children-childrens-budget-2009-coverIf you're curious about what percentage of the federal budget is spent on children, all you have to do is check out Children's Budget 2009.
Some conclusions, according to their website:

  • For the past five years, less than one nickel out of every new, real non-defense dollar spent by the federal government has gone to children and children’s programs.
  • Children’s spending makes up less than ten percent of the entire non-defense budget.
  • The overall share of federal, non-defense spending going to children’s programs has dropped by twelve percent over the past five years.
  • Real discretionary spending on children has declined by one percent since 2005, while at the same time all other non-defense discretionary spending has increased by 4 percent.

Children's Budget 2009 was compiled by First Focus, a D.C.-based organization that wants to make federal spending on children a priority.

Updated: October 19 2009