Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment - SAMHSA Wants Your Input on its Eight Strategies

adolescent-substance-abuse-treatment_SAMHSA-strategic-plan-coverI mentioned this in last week's roundup of news on the juvenile justice system and adolescent substance abuse treatment, but this deserves to be highlighted because it will guide the agency's work and funding priorities for years to come:
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) plans to organize its work into eight strategic initiatives, and you have the chance to give your own input (and vote on the merit of others' ideas) until October 22, 2010.  Here's the eight areas:

  1. Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness
  2. Trauma and Justice
  3. Military Families
  4. Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, and Behavioral Health
  5. Housing and Homelessness
  6. Health Information Technology
  7. Data, Outcomes and Quality: Demonstrating Results
  8. Public Awareness and Support

Learn more about each of the initiatives, or provide feedback. Remember: this is a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of treatment for adolescent substance abuse and mental health issues. 

Updated: February 08 2018