For Youth Removed From Home, Is it Helpful to Meet with Parents Not in Recovery?

juvenile-justice-system_question-mark-spray-paintedRecently, I posted a question from a juvenile justice professional about what the research said about possible harm done to youth who visit their family members in juvenile detention or prison. We got an answer to that one, but it raised a new question from someone else:

What about children who are removed by either family or the state from parents who are addicted to drugs and have previously exposed the child to unsafe situations as well as neglect? 
Is it beneficial or harmful to the child for the absent parent who is addicted to substances to allow visitation, knowing that the parent will be intoxicated at the time of visitation?  And does age make a difference?  Is it different for a 5 year old vs a 12 year old? 
Any info would be appreciated.

What do you think? Anyone know what the research says about this?  Please share, and I'll post what I learn -- leave a comment, drop me an email, or start a discussion in our LinkedIn group, "Juvenile Justice Reform and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment." 

Photo: Ninja M.

Updated: February 08 2018