Why Reclaiming Futures Should Be in the News

In 2002, when I first became a Reclaiming Futures Project Director for Multnomah County, Oregon, an experienced leader told me not to think about media coverage until we'd achieved results. 
That sounded like good advice, but it was actually shortsighted. By letting folks in your community know right from the start that you've embarked on an ambitious change project, they're more likely to understand your goals and support you over the long term. 
And it looks like many of the 10 communities around the United States launching Reclaiming Futures initiatives this year are getting off on the right foot. So far, all the coverage is centered in North Carolina, where six of the new Reclaiming Futures sites are located, supported by a partnership between The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Kate. B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.
We've seen coverage for the following counties: Cumberland; Orange and Chatham; Surry, Iredell, and Yadkin (here and here).  Now, Rowan County has joined their ranks. (I'm coaching Rowan, but sadly, I can't take credit for their media savvy: that's natural talent.)
Have we missed anybody? 

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Updated: November 05 2008