White House May Rethink its Juvenile Justice Spending Plan

  • juvenile-justice-system_old-TVWhite House May Rethink its Juvenile Justice Spending Plan
    In mid-February, Youth Today reported that President Obama's budget contained a proposal to radically change federal juvenile justice funding for the states. Now, Youth Today's John Kelly reports that it may be reconsidering, after strongly negative reactions from juvenile justice advocates.
  • VIDEO: Mississippi County Sued After Video Reveals "Hogtied" Youth and Other Abuse
    The Southern Poverty Law Center has sued Forrest County, Missisissippi, over revelations of numerous instances of juvenile detention center personnel physically abusing youth in their care (many documented on surveillance video cameras) and force them to allow youth access to lawyers and civil rights advocates, in accord with federal law. Follow the link to see the video coverage. (Hat tip to sparkaction.)


Updated: February 08 2018