We're Hiring: School Based Mental Health Project Coordinator

We're excited to be hiring a Coordinator for Project Thrive, a comprehensive school based mental health project funded by a 5-year grant from the US Department of Education. Our School-Based Mental Health Project Coordinator will recruit and support MSW students for this workforce development project, which aims to increase the number and diversity of mental health professionals working in high-needs secondary schools.

As Project Coordinator, you will prioritize recruitment of students from our partner communities, as well as students matching the diverse demographic of these high-needs communities. You will recruit Advanced MSW students for training as a mental health professional and for practicum placement (internship) in one of our high-needs middle or high schools. You will participate in all aspects of the practicum placement process for students selected to participate in the project.   

This position will work closely with the Reclaiming Futures team, as well as Portland State University School of Social Work faculty, to facilitate the implementation of a school-wide mental health screening, brief intervention and referral model developed by Reclaiming Futures in each of the high-needs schools included in the project. This will include supporting the training of interns prior to placement and establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with our cultural partners: La ClinicaLatino Network, and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

The full job description and application process can be found on the Portland State University Jobs site

Updated: April 08 2024