Welcome to Reclaiming Futures Every Day!

Reclaiming Futures has now been around since 2001, when The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation first funded the initiative. Our goal remains the same: bringing communities together to help young people break the cycle of drugs, alcohol, and crime. As of this fall, we have 13 newer sites, along with the original 10 pilot sites -- a blog seemed like a natural next step.
We plan to share success stories and challenges from Reclaiming Futures sites across the country, and share information and breaking news about juvenile justice reform and teen drug treatment.  In addition, we hope to line up contributions from experts in fields related to juvenile justice, adolescent substance abuse treatment, positive youth development, the strengths-based approach, and so on.
What about you? Got any ideas about what you'd like to see here? Let us know!

Updated: February 08 2018