Webinar Reminder - Youth Have Stories

Last fall, youth in the Juvenile Recovery Court in Clark County, WA, got a chance to tell their stories on film. Six participants received training in "digital storytelling" and, with the help of court staff and a prevention specialist, they turned their 250-word personal stories into powerful video presentations. Check out the video above for an example.
You'll notice that the youth, "Mitchell," didn't choose to talk about recovery, but chose to explore instead a religious split in his family, and what it means to him. To learn more about how youth chose topics or the strategy the staff used in helping youth with their stories, check out my interview with them.
And don't forget, we have a webinar next week on this topic:

YOUth have stories! The Role of Digital Storytelling in Making Change
Anna Lookingbill, Angela Zahas and Brad Finegood
May 3, 2011 12:30pm PT, 3:30pm ET

What is "digital storytelling"?

How can we use it to transform lives of at-risk youth?

Digital storytelling is more than putting a bunch of teens in a room and turning them loose on computers. It is a facilitated process that offers powerful engagement and empowerment. Comparatively cheap, digital storytelling is a process designed to help individuals answer the question “What story do YOU need to tell?”

In an hour-long webinar targeted to social service providers, a team from Clark County, Washington shares their success in using digital storytelling with youth from Juvenile Recovery Court and STASHA Peer Education. The team will cover:

    • Preparation for Digital Storytelling — what it is, where to train, and an overview of technical and therapeutic elements
    • Production of Digital Storytelling — Clark County’s implementation with 2 different groups of youth
    • Completion of Digital Storytelling — How digital stories impact youth artists and the community

Clark County will share more youth stories in the webinar. Youth artists may join to discuss their experiences.
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Updated: February 08 2018