[Video] What is Juvenile Indigent Defense? News Roundup

Juvenile Justice Reform

  • [Video] What is Juvenile Indigent Defense? (JJIE.org)
    On November 11th, JJIE rolled out the next section of our juvenile justice resource hub on juvenile indigent defense. To kick start the launch, JJIE led a compelling and informative live group video chat with key players in the Juvenile Indigent Defense reform movement—exploring youth’s rights and access to quality council and defense when they find themselves in court.
  • Proposed Reforms to Juvenile Representation Stir Concerns in Colorado (The Denver Post)
    Criminal justice experts are questioning whether proposed reforms requiring youth offenders to have attorneys are really necessary — or if the system can even afford it. Legislation on juvenile representation — including one provision requiring juveniles to have legal counsel at detention hearings — will be proposed in January when state lawmakers convene.
  • Criminal Case Puts Focus on Bullying Laws (JJIE.org)
    Once considered a teenage rite of passage, bullying is now the subject of hundreds of state laws and a rallying cry for pundits, parents and celebrities.
  • Inside Heads and Cells of Juvenile Offenders: New Philly Art Exhibit Showcases and Helps Youth (Philly.com)
    What was originally conceived as a locally-staged art exhibition highlighting the need for reforms to the nation's juvenile justice system has snowballed into something much more. At nonprofit arts organization and studio space InLiquid, housed inside Kensington's Crane Arts building, hundreds of youths will this month receive the opportunity to have their juvenile records expunged, while hundreds more will be provided with resources about diversionary programming that could potentially save them from having to face the issue, in the first place.

Jobs, Grants, Events and Webinars

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health

  • Treating Trauma and Addiction in Health Care Professionals (Drugfree.org)
    Health care professionals who are dealing with substance use disorders face particular challenges, according to the executive director of an organization dedicated to serving this population. These professionals must learn to cope with the emotional challenges of having ready access to medications, says Maureen Sullivan Dinnan, J.D. of HAVEN.
  • Exercise May Help Ease Depression in Teens (HealthDay.com)
    Teens can suffer from depression like everyone else, but a small new study hints that exercise might help ease the condition. The British study included three boys and 10 girls with depression who were enrolled in trainer-led workouts three times a week for 12 weeks. The teens were also encouraged to exercise 30 minutes a day on the other days.
  • Commentary: The Quest for Alternatives to Opioids in Chronic Pain: The Role of The Interventional Pain Physician (Drugfree.org)
    "In the early days of my now two-decade career, I was first exposed to the theory of using opioids, which are a term for addictive narcotic medications, to effect or side effect based on increasing doses. This thought process began in the patient suffering from cancer pain, but evolved to include all patients with chronic pain. Unfortunately, in many of those treated with this strategy, the outcome was poor, with many issues arising. These issues included tolerance (the drug not working as well), addiction (taking the medicine for reasons other than pain), diversion (selling the medication or giving it to others), and accidental overdose causing illness or death."
  • New Features at the AATOD Conference (AATOD.org)
    "This year, we are providing our attendees an App for their smartphones and tablets that will allow them
    to have up-to-the-minute information and resources for the conference. Conference attendees will be able to download the final program, access handouts and communicate with other participants."

juvenile-justice-system_David-BackesDavid Backes writes the Friday news roundup for Reclaiming Futures and contributes articles about juvenile justice reform and adolescent substance abuse treatment to ReclaimingFutures.org. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Santa Clara University. David works as an account executive for Prichard Communications.

Updated: February 08 2018