The U.K. Youth Riots - What Do Young People Think? (Roundup)

juvenile-justice-sytem_old-TVWhat did young people in the U.K. think about the recent riots in the U.K.?  Here's a few answers (one free registration required for most items):

  • Young people unite to air their views on riots
    "Young people turned out in their scores in central London as part of an event aimed at giving them the opportunity to air their views on the recent unrest and its causes."
  • Young people must be consulted on the causes of violence
    "Young people from areas affected by violence and looting have spoken out to condemn the riots and have called for more attention to be placed on young voices as the causes of the outbreaks begin to be examined." (No log-in required.)
  • Young people blame riots on "mindless vandalism"
    "This month's rioting was caused by "mindless vandalism" rather than cuts to youth services and inequality, according to a survey of young people."
  • U.K. Children's Minister Denies Link Between Riots and Youth Cuts
    He said "current reports estimate three-quarters of those charged in relation to the riots are over 18, and it would be wrong to condemn a whole generation of young people." He went on to say that, "Recent events highlight the importance of ensuring a 'positive for youth' mindset is promoted so young people get the credit they deserve for the good work they do," he said.

    In other words, instead of an "unfunded mandate," he's talking about an "unfunded mindset" for youth.

Other related news about the way the U.K. government is handling the riots and the young people involved in them:

On the plus side:


Updated: February 08 2018