Top 3 Juvenile Justice/Teen Treatment Stories from 2010 - What Gets Your Vote?

juvenile-justice-reform_voteWhat were our top three stories for 2010? You can pick from stories on juvenile justice reform ... juvenile drug courts ... adolescent substance abuse treatment ... positive youth development ... family engagement ... or the juvenile justice system in general? 
What was most useful to you? What was the most intriguing?  What did you pass on to your colleagues? 
You can pick from any story we published here on the blog in 2010.  But just to make it easy, I've listed 20 stories below that I'd expect to  be on everyone's top-stories list.  If you don't find your favorite below -- and I had to leave out a heck of a lot of good stuff -- feel free to vote for it anyway. 
(By the way, they stories below are not listed in any particular order.)

  1. Improving Your Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment System: a Toolkit
  2. Addressing Disproportionality in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice, by Shay Bilchik of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (link here is to part 1 of 2)
  3. Juvenile Reentry in Concept and Practice
  4. Families in Power: a Guide to Organizing on Juvenile Justice Reform, by Grace Bauer of the Campaign for Youth Justice
  5. Juvenile Justice Reform: DOJ Report on Delays in Case Processing
  6. Preventing Youth Alcohol and Drug Problems: Chasing The Holy Ginger Ale, by Greg Williams of Connecticut Turning to Youth and Families
  7. More on the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Prohibiting Life Without Parole for Youth Who Have Not Committed Homicide, by Sarah Bryer of the National Juvenile Justice Network
  8. Juvenile Drug Courts: Why You Should Avoid Using UA Levels in Drug Court Proceedings
  9. Wake-up Call for Treatment Providers and State Addiction Directors
  10. Recovery Schools Help Teens Stay Clean, by Monique Bourgeois, MPNA, LADC
  11. 10 Things Every Juvenile Court Should Know About Trauma and Delinquency
  12. Juvenile Justice Reform: Finding Opportunities When Budgets are Slashed
  13. Improving Outcomes for Status Offenders
  14. School-to-Prison Pipeline: Middle School Suspensions Unfair and Ineffective & Restorative Justice Cuts Suspensions and Expulsions
    (two separate stories, but I think you'll agree they should be treated as one story)
  15. Juvenile Justice System: How Much are Evidence-Based Practices Worth?
  16. Are You Suffering from Secondary Traumatic Stress?
  17. Improving the Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs
  18. Adolescents, Young Adults and Recovery Support Groups: Science-Grounded Principles for Juvenile Probation Officers, by William L. White, MA
  19. Public Attitudes about Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: Recent Polls
  20. Teen Addiction: Helping Parents Understand, Connect and Navigate Services, by Steve Pasierb, of the Partnership at

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We'll post the results on January 11, 2011. 

UPDATE 1/11/11: Well, it appears this crowd isn't much for voting. You can see the results in the comments below. I also received an email vote (I'm not sure if the person wishes to remain anonymous, so I'll leave her unnamed) for the following three stories:

Thanks for participating!

Updated: February 08 2018