Top 16-20 Juvenile Justice Blog Posts | 2012

Continuing our countdown of the top juvenile justice blog posts of 2012, here are numbers 16-20:
20. Lessons from Death Row Inmates: Reform the Juvenile Justice System
In looking for ways to reduce the number of death penalty cases, David R. Dow realized that a surprising number of death row inmates had similar biographies -- they started out as economically disadvantaged and otherwise troubled kids.
19. Youth Transfers to the Adult Corrections System More Likely to Reoffend
Juveniles transferred to adult corrections systems reoffend at a higher rate than those who stay in the juvenile justice system, according to a recent report from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC).
18. Beating the School-to-Prison Pipeline by Focusing on Truancy, Absenteeism
There is a strong correlation between missing school in the elementary years and winding up in jail, explains a Superior Court Judge.

17. Tonight on PBS: the Juvenile Justice System and the Need for a Culture of (high)Expectations
Earlier this year, PBS Newshour took a look inside the juvenile justice system with photographer Richard Ross. Over the past five years, Ross traveled to 30 states and interviewed over 1,000 youth in 300 juvenile detention centers.
16. No Remorse? What Happens to Youth Who Fail to Display Remorse in Court and Why Should We Care?
Many kids have difficulty expressing a sense of remorse, especially if they have been traumatized. The problem is that, showing remorse can make a difference in sentencing.
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Updated: February 08 2018