Tomorrow: Aberdeen, WA Rocks Out for Community Addiction Awareness

Editor's note: this article originally appeared on Rockers In Recovery
Summer is finally here, the grills have all burned off some burgers and dogs, and concert season is in the air. Two synonymous signs of summer are that heat and music both on the rise. Once car windows roll down, and music pours out, it’s time to start the concerts.
Rockers In Recovery(RIR) is kicking off the concert tour season this June 27, 2014 in Aberdeen, Washington, where the RIR East Coast All-Stars, Current Musical Director Lou Esposito (Joe Walsh) will be rockin’ the west coast, in addition to Casey Montana Rogers making her grand debut.
The Director of the band engages the RIR All-Star five-piece band with the help of their Musical Contributors. The Directors then rotate in and out three Musical Contributors on each show based on their availability. This makes for a new experience each time you see the band and NOT JUST THE SAME OLD, SAME OLD.
Unconditional support is paramount in recovery. It isn’t just the addict who is in program, it is the whole family. Addiction hits us all, which is why we all need to celebrate together, because each person is as significant as the other. All of the concerts are free and open to the public because recovery is fun and meant for everyone to understand and share what it is about – unconditional love and support between the recovering addicts and the families and friends.

Aside from the music, food, and fun, there is also a connection that always follows from one RIR concert to the next, and that is recovery education and awareness. There is always a plethora of pamphlets and handouts about rehabilitation centers as well as a variety of 12-step meeting information.
Education and awareness of recovery is essential for the public to understand because there is still much ignorance regarding recovery and addiction. When there is ignorance, then there are still stigmas attached. Bill W. and Dr. Bob blazed the trail several years ago, and it is up to their successors to honor their memories by continuing to educate and raise awareness of recovery, while showing the public that having fun is possible while maintaining sobriety.
Among the recovery supporters at the Aberdeen concert will be Miss Washington (Reina Almon). Not only is recovery education and awareness the state of Washington’s platform, but it is also very near to Almon’s heart too.
“I am excited to work with Rockers In Recovery, many of my family members are afflicted with alcoholism and addiction –but it is just that, an infliction with a disease that can be overcome. I’ve seen it happen firsthand in my family. I have been working with ESD 113 and the Reduce Underage Drinking Coalition to help with preventative work as well,” said Almon, regarding addiction and her work with recovery awareness.
The concert in Aberdeen is one of Almon’s last appearances as Miss Washington before handing over her title that following Fourth of July weekend. Almon’s personal platform has been steadfast with sustainability and environmental issues, with aspirations of becoming an environmental attorney. Almon plans to finish her senior year of college this fall where she is also studying for her Law School admission test (LSAT).
The folks at RIR are very excited about going to the west coast to bring hope through music and fun.
Then it’s off to PRO-ACT RECOVERY WALKS where the RIR All-Star Band will be Rockin’ The Philly Walk. PRO-ACT Building on their 12 previous years of hosting Recovery Walks! in Philadelphia, PRO-ACT is asking you to support their 13th annual Recovery Walk on September 20, 2014. Once more, they are pleased to announce that Pro-Act. will hold it at the Great Plaza in Penn’s Landing on the beautiful waterfront.
With 20,000 participants in 2013, we’re hoping you will help us to break that record. Tell your friends about it. 
Building on our 12 previous years of hosting Recovery Walks in downtown Philadelphia, PRO-ACT is asking you to support the largest walk ever assembled in support of addiction recovery—our 13th annual Recovery Walk on September 20. Once more, we are pleased to announce that it will be at the Great Plaza in Penn’s Landing on the beautiful waterfront. The are extra excited this year that they have been able to expand the Walk route through historic Philadelphia to walk past Independence Hall and extend that symbol of freedom and dignity to what recovery brings to individuals and families, thereby benefiting the community at large.
“We are so happy to have Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions working with us on this project. We have already been inundated with inquiries about the the walk. RIR’S reach in the recovery community is huge and through their branding and marketing side of the RIR company this is going to be a great year for us. RIR’s huge network brings everyone together and the RIR Band is just icing on the cake”. Fred Martin (Pro-Act).
The Recovery Village and KLEAN Treatment Centers are two of the RIR All-Star Band main sponsors with a third to be announced shortly. They are working hand in hand with RIR to make this a very successful summer and to spread the message that treatment and education mixed with “HAVING FUN” in recovery is indeed possible!! RIR is beyond grateful to each of the sponsors who have supported them for the concerts.

Carol Harblin has been contributing to RIR since 2008, from monthly blogger to rockin’ magazine writer. When she is not rockin’ or writing for RIR, she is writing for other online and offline publications, as well as guiding clients toward a healthier life’s path with holistic nutrition, Reiki, and meditation. Carol has a way if being able to feel the story with an insight that comes across in black ink that makes readers feel like they are there at the moment.
“The connections made through RIR have been solid and authentic and I always enjoy interviewing and meeting new people through RIR!”

Updated: February 08 2018