Teens Influence UN Resolution on Juvenile Justice + More Great Ideas for Positive Youth Activities

juvenile justice youth in dog training program We know that young people in the justice system need constructive activities and positive adults to work with them, right? Treatment's important, but they also need opportunities to learn and practice new skills that will that help them be successful when they leave the justice system, get off probation, and leave treatment.
So here's three inspiring examples of jurisdictions that have taken on the challenge:

BONUSES: Art can be an incredibly powerful way of communicating the human costs of substance abuse; it can also be a crucial tool for youth in recovery. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has just issued a useful handbook to help you organize an art exhibition on addiction and recovery.
Craving even more PYD ideas? Here's a post with many more creative things to do with teens in the justice system. They include activities from cooking to yoga to making movies.
Been there, done that? Leave a comment below about the exciting youth activities for teens in the justice system and/or addiction treatment in your community!

Updated: February 08 2018