Team Sports Help Lower Stress and Depression Among Teens; News Roundup

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  • Juvenile Justice Reforms Prominent in New Bill by U.S. Senators Booker and Paul (JJIE)
    Two first-term senators from opposite sides of the aisle introduced legislation Tuesday banning the use of juvenile solitary confinement in federal facilities, along with several other reforms that would impact juveniles offenders.
  • Natalie Kato: Reform for Juvenile Sentencing (Tallahassee Democrat)
    By requiring that most kids under 18 sentenced to 25 years or longer for murder receive a review of their sentences, the bill effectively halts one of the state of Florida's ugliest criminal justice practices: the sentencing of children to spend the rest of their lives in prison with no hope of release.
  • Counseling Should Be a Part of Any Juvenile Crime Reforms (Chicago Sun-Times)
    "If poor people don’t have opportunity, don’t have hope, don’t have a future, they are going to lash out. If they only have baseball bats, they would be using those. This is about racism, classism and oppression and oppressed people boil over,” said William Sampson, chairperson of the Public Policy Studies Department at DePaul University.

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  • Don’t Disregard the Risks Teen Pot Users Face (Herald Net)
    “I see kids who say they were 8 the first time they tried it,” the judge said. “A lot of them tell you they can stop whenever they want. But when they try to do that, they can't stop," said Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Bruce Weiss.
  • Team Sports Help Lower Stress and Depression Among Teens, Study(University Herald)
    "There is surprisingly little known about school sport, so we can only speculate as to the unique effects, but we suspect it might be due to school sport providing adolescents with opportunities to bond with other students, feel connected to their school, interact with their peers and coaches, thus, really providing a social and active environment," said lead author Catherine M. Sabiston, Ph.D.
  • Memphis Juvenile Court Offers Mental Health Services (News Channel 5)
    Under federal scrutiny for the way it treats children charged with crimes, the Juvenile Court in Memphis and Shelby County now employs a full-time mental health professional to help kids deal with the stress and anxiety of being in detention.

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Updated: July 11 2014