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Webinar: Co-Occurring Disorders within the System of Care, August 21

It is important for communities to be aware that youth presented with substance abuse issues are likely to also be dealing with mental health issues. Youth in the juvenile justice system are also likely to be faced with trauma issues, academic needs and other concerns.

To help communities better understand the challenges and approaches to treating youth with co-occurring behavioral health disorders, Reclaiming Futures, a TA Network Core Partner, will present a webinar on Co-Occurring Disorders within the System of Care on August 21.

Designing a Recovery-Oriented Care Model...The webinar, presented by Kari Collins and Michelle Kilgore, will share information on the complex needs of youth with co-occurring disorders and outline some important considerations when developing or enhancing a system of care so that it will better address their needs.

Included in the presentation will be an overview of a document called Designing a Recovery-Oriented Care Model for Adolescents and Transition Age Youth with Substance Use or Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders that was published by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2009, following a consultative session with substance abuse and mental health treatment providers, family members and other experts.

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