Roundup: UK Publishes Guide to Punishing Detained Youth -- and More

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o       Alternating “elbow strikes” to the young person's ribs;
o       Raking shoes down the youth’s shins; and
o       Driving straightened fingers into teens' faces and then their groins. 
The manual was denounced as “state authorization of institutionalized child abuse.”

Positive Youth Development

  • The Department of Labor has awarded two $10 million grants to YouthBuild and The Corps Network to "prepare young adult offenders and young people without a high school diploma for employment and postsecondary education as well as to engage them in community leadership." YouthBuild will work in eight communities and The Corps Network in six; will one of them be yours? (H/t to Cora Crary.)
  • Yet another report underscores the importance of preventing and healing trauma for young people – in this case, young men of color. The report, titled, “Healthy Communities Matter: The Importance of Place to the Health of Boys of Color,” was funded by the California Endowment and incorporates research from four different institutions. It discusses “disparities (socioeconomic, health, mental health, safety, readiness to learn) for boys and young men of color relative to white boys and young men; how place creates and exacerbates health disparities; and the importance of healing and preventing trauma as the underlying focus of solutions.” (H/t to Paul Savery.) 

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Updated: February 08 2018