Roundup: Drug Czar Backs Away from "Drug War"; First World Congress on Juvenile Restorative Justice; and More

  • juvenile-justice-adolescent-alcohol-and-drug-treatment-newspaper.jpgYou've probably heard this already, but the new drug czar backed away from the "war on drugs" analogy, signalling a shift in U.S. policy toward more treatment and less emphasis on interdiction and incarceration. What you might not have heard, however, is that the administration's current budget still favors interdiction over prevention and treatment, according to an editorial in The Huffington Post.
  • The first world congress on restorative juvenile justice is happening in Peru in November. Start composing your travel justifications now ...
  • Not everybody likes restorative justice, though. When police intervened after noise complaints about a 10-year-old kicking a soccer ball against a garden wall, people were outraged that they bothered.
  • And Ohio's Department of Youth Services seems to be making progress reforming its juvenile justice facilities to be safer and connect teens with needed services, including treatment. Reading the before-and-after descriptions looks like the basis for a how-to blueprint.

Updated: May 15 2009