Remembering Reclaiming Futures' Passionate Leader, Linda Moffitt, 1953-2014

Linda MoffittReclaiming Futures recently lost a determined leader and friend. Linda Moffitt was project director and former juvenile justice fellow for Reclaiming Futures in Anchorage, and such a valuable driver of implementing Reclaiming Futures in Alaska. She is remembered dearly for her steadfast commitment and passion for her work, and her integrity and generosity that was carried throughout everything she did in life.

Upon hearing the news of her passing, friends and colleagues within the Reclaiming Futures community shared stories of Linda. Below is just a small sample of personal memories and impact that Linda had on so many of our lives:

Jim Carlton, Deputy Director, Reclaiming Futures National Program Office
“Though she retired from the Anchorage Division of Juvenile Justice about three years ago, she remained involved with Reclaiming Futures on the local level as their project director and as a coach on the national level. She was a dear person, a treasured resource for us here at the national program office, and she will be greatly missed by all of us here.”

Master William Hitchcock, Former judicial fellow, Anchorage, Alaska
“Linda Moffitt was a key collaborator in the development of the initial Anchorage proposal for Reclaiming Futures. She officially became a core partner in the national movement in 2003 when the probation fellowship was added. Throughout her career as a juvenile probation supervisor and on into retirement, she remained active in the ongoing development and expansion of the Reclaiming Futures model. Her leadership was not limited only to Anchorage, as she also played a key role on the national level as a coach and frequent participant in national fellowship conferences. Her influence led to the adoption of many of the core principles of Reclaiming Futures within the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice, both in Anchorage and other offices throughout the state. Her commitment and passion for this work was unlimited. She will truly be missed by all of us.”

Tom Begich, Former community fellow and Project Director, Anchorage, Alaska
“Linda Moffitt was a true friend and a tireless advocate for youth, fairness, and a better world. She devoted her work life and, after her retirement, her personal life to trying to improve our juvenile justice system, provide greater opportunities and hope for young Alaskans and inspired all of us to give just a little bit more, try just a little bit harder, and see the world with grace, humor and joy. Knowing her well these past few years – her and Cande joining us for wine, enjoying great music and talking about our travel plans, our hopes and our aspirations was a joy I will cherish all my days. She will be very, very missed.”

With other RF fellows, Linda is in the back row, third from the left. With other RF fellows, Linda is in the back row, third from the left.

Maureen McGlone, Former Project Director, Anchorage, Alaska
“I got to know Linda via Reclaiming Futures, where we worked together for two years. During that time, I regularly saw Linda’s determination at work in her efforts to make the system better for juvenile-justice involved youth with substance abuse issues. We stayed in touch after her retirement, most often through mutual friends. It was clear that she may have stopped working for a salary – but she surely did not stop working or pursuing her myriad interests. It wasn’t long after she ‘retired’ that she had to start her new fight. The resolve we RF colleagues saw in Linda was only a  preview of the strength, integrity and purpose she brought to fighting this disease and staying connected to friends and family, while remaining focused on the ‘now.’

Before completing this post, I checked the thesaurus for synonyms for ‘determination’ and found: willpower, resolve, purpose, fortitude, grit, strength of mind, and strength of character. These terms describe her both pre and post-cancer, but the list Is not  complete without ‘strength of spirit’ especially in these last years.

I admired her passion and strength of purpose, deeply respect her work, legacy, and generosity of spirit, and miss that hearty laugh of hers."

Elleen Deck, Community Fellowship Faculty
"What great comments, tributes and remembrances to a courageous, generous woman who gave so much of her life to improve others' lives. I remember her for her joy in every day, her good humor regardless of circumstances, and her willingness to lead and push others toward what is right by example. I wish we'd had more time. There was so much more of Linda to know. What a great presence and gift to us all."

Mac Prichard, Prichard Communications for Reclaiming Futures
“I always admired Linda’s passion for her work in Alaska and with Reclaiming Futures. She was an important part of the justice fellowship and played a big part in the writing and shaping that group's monograph. Linda was also a great cyclist and every summer for many years took part in a week-long ride in different states. She hoped to cycle in all 50 states one day and I have no doubt she would have done it.”

Laura Burney Nissen, Dean and Professor, School of Social Work, Portland State University
"Linda was part of our "founding" Reclaiming Futures family and approached every part of our process together with such commitment, creativity and joy. She was DETERMINED to make a difference, and she certainly did. She had a wicked sense of humor, a tireless generosity and a zest for life. I know that she positively impacted many individual youth in her lifetime and many more with the reforms and system redesigns she helped to create in Anchorage and across the U.S. through her work with (and beyond) Reclaiming Futures."

Linda’s obituary shares even more kind and deserving words about her full life. She will be greatly missed—as a leader in Reclaiming Futures and as a dedicated friend. You can share your comments about Linda or her work in the section below.

Updated: September 18 2014