Protecting LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System; News Roundup

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Protecting LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System (National Juvenile Justice Network)
In recognition of June as National LGBT Pride Month, Judy Yu, MPH, MFA discusses LGBTQ youth in the juvenile justice system, as Part 4 in a series of posts celebrating NJJN's 10th anniversary, and their nine principles of justice reform. Yu addresses the fact that there is a disproportionate number of LGBTQ youth in the juvenile justice system, and what experiences these teens face, and how youth justice reformers across the country can help with these issues.

Screening Tool Helps Identify Sexually Exploited Minors (The Chronicle of Social Change)
Oakland's WestCoast Children's Clinic wasn't satisfied with existing screening tools for sexually exploited youth - they found them to either be not appropriate for young people, not conducive to quick identification, or not research-backed and validated. The clinic decided to create their own, with great success. The demand for their screening tool has gone from its pilot in five counties, to now being used at 35 sites, in 20 counties.

After Kalief Browder’s Death, Congress May Force States To Improve Juvenile Justice (Think Progress)
New bills in Congress, in light of the Rikers tragedies, could bring a lot of positive reform to juvenile justice.

Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol, concerned it would increase underage drinking (ScienceDaily)
This year's legalization of powdered alcohol has sparked public concern across the country, according to University of Michigan Health System. The fear that it will be misused by youth has already inspired bans in some states. 

3 Ways You Can Help Children with Incarcerated Parents (Ebony)
Over the years, the number of youth with incarcerated parents has increased substantially. Dr. Monique Morris discusses the misconceptions surrounding these children, how misleading statistics and misconceptions can be stigmatizing, and how those who work with youth can support and encourage children with incarcerated parents. Dr. Morris is a featured panelist next Tuesday, June 23rd at Reclaiming Futures Leadership Institute, which you can watch live-streaming.

Addiction Is a Disease of Free Will (Huffington Post)
Nora Volkow, Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), writes about the language surrounding addiction, and how it impacts those around us who struggle with it, or whom have lost loved ones to addiction. Volkow emphasizes how addiction changes the brain in such a way that it affects the concept of free will - which may be difficult for those who don't experience addiction to understand. Finally, Volkow suggests ways to reduce the shame and stigma attached to addiction, and suggests an overall re-framing of the language and perception surrounding it.

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Updated: September 23 2020