Parenting: Feedback on the CYT Family Support Network Manual?

Cover of Family Support Network treatment manual for teen cannabis usersWe've had another response to our recent call for recommendations on good curricula on parenting training. (Other suggestions appear here.) A commenter wondered what other jurisdictions' experience has been with the Family Support Network (FSN) protocol, pictured here.
FSN is one of the five Cannabis Youth Treatment (CYT) protocols tested and promulgated by SAMHSA and CSAT. (You can download all of them here for free.)
So here's the questions:

  1. Has anyone implemented the Family Support Network (FSN) protocol? (I'm curious, too. I've heard of programs that combined it with the MET/CBT curricula -- but I've not run into any treatment program that adopted FSN as its primary intervention.)
  2. If you did implement FSN, do you have any advice to give on how you motivated parents to participate? (This question doesn't have to be specific to FSN, of course.)

Leave a comment about your experience or drop me an email, and I'll share it on the blog. 

Updated: March 21 2018