Our Top 10 Stories on Juvenile Justice and Adolescent Treatment - Part 2

Reclaiming-Futures-anniversary-part-2-birthday-cakeYesterday, to celebrate the first anniversary of this blog, we began reposting our top 10 posts from the past year, including one on engaging the families of youth in the juvenile justice system, how to handle confidentiality and consent issues when connecting kids with adolescent substance abuse treatment, and more.
Today, our celebration continues with our top five posts (in reverse order of popularity): 

#5. Better Treatment Outcomes for Teens - Training, Monitoring, and Supervision are the Key - When about 40 teens and their caregivers showed up at a meeting to tell Randy Muck of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) what they thought of a treatment program his agency had funded, he was worried. Follow the link to learn what happened.
#4. Size of Drug Problem in Juvenile Justice Depends on Where You Look - Jeffrey Butts of Public/Private Ventures shows that the prevalence of drug problems among teens in the justice system is correlated to how deeply they've penetrated it.
#3. Juvenile Justice and Adolescent Treatment - More Resources for Your Toolbox - Five links to everything from an overview of best practices in juvenile justice to an article on 10 things that Motivational Interviewing is not. (Bonus: there's also a picture of a 32-foot-tall McGruff the Crime Dog balloon.)
#2. Most Effective Juvenile Justice Policy? Practitioners Say It's Drug Treatment - What's the best way to address youth crime? To find out, Jeff Butts asked over 500 juvenile justice professionals. He reports on the results in this guest post.
And now, for our most popular story from the past year ...
#1. Handy Reference List for Evidence-Based Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Models - In this post, you'll find seven public registries of evidence-based treatment programs, including those targeting adolescent substance abuse.

Have any favorites from the past year you think deserve mention? Let us know!
(Image by Benjamin Chambers.)

Updated: February 08 2018