One Week Left: Nominate a Young Leader by July 16, 2012

Do you know someone 40 years old (or younger) who is working to improve health and health care for the future? Please nominate that person for a Young Leader Award: Recognizing Leadership for a Healthier America 
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is celebrating their 40th year by recognizing young people who are leading the way to improved health and health care for all Americans. Third party-only nominations are being accepted until July 16, 2012. Each winner will receive an individual award of $40,000.
Please read more about the characteristics for nominees at

  • The ability to bring others together to achieve results greater than what a single person could bring about;
  • The capacity to apply learning beyond the boundaries of a single discipline;
  • A history of developing great ideas into products, services or policies that have made a difference in health and health care; and
  • Demonstrable evidence of impact on health and health care that extends beyond an initial group of people to reach additional populations, likely to be sustainable over the decades ahead.

juvenile-justice-system_Lori-HowellLori Howell is a Senior Associate at Prichard Communications. She is a seasoned public affairs practitioner with a background in public policy, fundraising, and education. Lori helps clients with online editorial services, media relations, and publications. Before joining Prichard Communications, she served as chief of staff for Greg Macpherson, a former Oregon state legislator, an account executive for the Northwest Evaluation Association, a nonprofit educational testing consortium, and once taught English in Choshi, Japan.

Updated: July 09 2012