Blog: New Mexico

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Documentary Premieres Online Tonight

I visited the beautiful state of New Mexico last week and learned how their leadership is working to improve the future for young people.  While I was in Albuquerque, I heard about a new documentary about the need for adolescent substance abuse treatment, called "No Exceptions".
According to the film's producers, the film's intention is to "help parents, educators and middle and high schoolers understand the dangers of opioid (pain killer) abuse, how it can lead to heroin use, and how to prevent use before it starts." The program includes a 30-minute documentary, viewer guide and support for targeted audiences.
I'm looking forward to seeing the live-stream on tonight at 6 pm (PDT) on


School Discipline: When Should Law Enforcement Step In?

This week, several schools and districts are grappling with the issue of when—if ever—it is appropriate for police officers to get involved with school discipline issues.
The Albuquerque school district, for example, is currently the defendant in a class action lawsuit over referring students to law enforcement for allegedly minor offenses. When a student was talking to her friend and refused to return to her seat, her teacher called the police.
In contrast, a Georgia six-year-old throwing a violent tantrum—which included destruction of property and assault, according to published reports—was arrested and taken away in a police cruiser. She was also put in handcuffs while in the cruiser, according to standard department policy, but to the outrage of many.