National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law Seeks Presentation Proposals

juvenile-court_English-judgesGot a great idea for improving outcomes for children, youth, families, and victims who come into contact with the juvenile court?  The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) wants to hear from you.
NCJFCJ will hold its annual conference next year on March 27-30, 2011, in Reno, Nevada -- and would like you to submit your presentation proposal between now and September 15, 2010. Proposals will be entertained on a broad range of topics, including child abuse and neglect, mental health, delinquency, family law, domestic violence, and substance abuse.
If you still have questions, contact Diane Barnette via email, or via phone at (775) 784-6012.

Photo: A crowd of English judges, by Steve Punter. (I'm sure they'd want to hear from you, too, if they have any plans to be in Reno in March, 2011.)

Updated: February 08 2018