Most Popular Juvenile Justice Blog Posts | September 2012

Did you miss some of our blog posts last month? Not to worry - here's a round-up of the top 10 posts from September 2012.
10. Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline
A recent Children's Defense Fund report looks at the cradle-to-prison pipeline and offers ways to disrupt the cycle.
9. Phoenix House Uses the West Side Story Project to Disrupt the Cycle of Youth Violence
By connecting law enforcement agencies and troubled teens through the West Side Story, Phoenix House is interrupting the cycle of violence and distrust and encouraging positive youth development.
8. Pilot Juvenile Reentry Program in Illinois
Right on Crime's Jeanette Moll looks at a program in Illinois working to slash recidivism rates by targeting the underlying issues, whether related to substance abuse or family problems.

7. Collaboration is Key to Addressing Childhood Exposure to Violence
Child exposure to violence is pervasize in the United States. Communities, families, child serving services and local agencies need to come together to prevent and address violence, says Safe Start Center's Elena Cohen.
6. REPORT: “Boys Will Be Boys” (Unless They’re Black, In Which Case Lock them Up)
A new report argues that the  justice system accepts the “boys will be boys” idiom unless those boys (or girls) happen to be minorities, in which case they should be punished.
5. [infographic] Children's Exposure to Violence
Millions of children are exposed to violence in their homes, schools and communities. This infographic from the Safe Start Center shares ways for teachers and school administrators to identify and help traumatized kids at school.
4. 10 Things Every Juvenile Court Should Know About Trauma and Delinquency
Given that many teens in juvenile court struggle with symptoms related to trauma, this primer is a great resource for judges and court officials working with troubled and delinquent youth.
3. Idaho Screening for Mental Health, Substance Abuse Problems in Juvenile Justice System
In 2008, Idaho began screening teens entering juvenile corrections for substance abuse and mental health issues. Boise State Professor Tedd McDonald examines the findings and offers recommendations for the future.
2. Pennsylvania's Youth Courts Do More than Restorative Justice
As lawyer and Stoneleigh Fellow Gregg Volz explains, youth courts can do far more than restorative justice. They can be powerful academic tool for participatory learning and life skills. 
1. Beyond "Scared Straight" -- Moving to Programs that Actually Work
"Scared Straight" programs actually increase the likelihoods that teens with reoffend. With a new season of "Beyond Scared Straight," it's important to keep this in mind as we focus on evidence-based programs that show real results.
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