Mentors for Youth of Color in the Justice System

Many jurisdictions want models on how to recruit mentors of color for youth in the justice system, so here's two: the Reclaiming Futures site in Dayton, Ohio site is a great example (I plan to feature them in more detail in the near future), and so is the Seattle Reclaiming Futures site, whose 4C Coalition I featured in December.

At that time, the 4C Coalition had just joined the National CARES Mentoring Movement, which is devoted to connecting African-American youth with mentors of color, and has mentoring "circles" in 38 communities across the country. This month, the 4C Coalition is working with local churches to have "mentoring Sundays" throughout the month of May, and on June 17th, they'll be hosting a mentor "rally", using the star power of Susan L. Taylor, the former editor of Essence magazine who founded the CARES Mentoring Movement.
[Update: I've just been informed that the 4C Coalition netted 30 volunteers eager to mentor kids as part of one Mentor Sunday it held this month.]
I hope everyone's taking notes ... And if you've got other examples of mentoring programs that have been effective at recruiting mentors for kids in the justice system, leave a comment and let me know!

Updated: May 14 2009