Is Medicaid Irrelevant? - Weekly Roundup

  • juvenile-justice-reform_state-trends-coverLegislative Victories Removing Youth from Adult Criminal Justice System
    The Campaign for Youth Justice released a report on the growing number of states changing their policies to keep more kids out of adult lockup.
  • Hardin County, OH Embraces Reclaiming Futures
    Reclaiming Futures Hardin County got great coverage in the March 26, 2011 issue of the Kenton Times. Random quotes: Scott Mitchell, treatment court graduate, said, “I did a complete 180." Judge James Rapp: "If we are there for [the kids], they will be successful.” Follow the link to learn more.
  • Do it YO Way - Mentors Guide Youth in Bristol County, MA
    After receiving training in anti-oppressive practices (follow link and scroll to find webinars, PowerPoints, and other resources), the Reclaiming Futures Bristol County team "developed 'YO', a pilot program which exposed seven young men from diverse ethnic backgrounds to the practices of oppressiveness and privilege."

    In an intense, 12-week program, they worked with adult mentors on "how to be successful in the face of the challenges they face in their daily lives."

    As Deirdre Lopes, director of the H.O.P.E. (Healthy Opportunities for Peaceful Engagement) Collaborative said, "We can tell them whatever we want, but there's no substitute for showing them. That's what really has an impact."

    Click the headline to see the April 5, 2011 story from South Coast Today.

  • Celebrate Youth Recovery
    National Drug Court Month is coming up in May. How will you celebrate youth recovery? Download the 2011 National Drug Court Month Field Kit, from the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). The kit will help you plan local events to publicize your work and youth success.

    Among other things, the kit includes including tips on inviting your community's members of Congress to a celebration during National Drug Court Month Commencement Week is May 16-20. (NADCP's goal is to have every member of Congress get invited to an event in their own community during this week.) 

  • Positive School Culture May Lower Drug Use, Delinquency
    A study of 61 middle schools in Chicago found that a school culture emphasizing academic excellence could lower fighting, stealing, and drug use by as much as 25 percent -- independent of other factors.
  • Drug Therapy as a Detention Alternative?
    Will we soon see "moral-enhancement" drugs used as alternatives to prison? Some scientists think it's possible.
  • The Hidden Aspect of Addiction - Trauma (Part 1)
    The Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network published the first part of a series on trauma-informed treatment services.
  • Motivational Interviewing Goldmine
    Want help implementing Motivational Interviewing? Check out this site for videos, DVDs, manuals, coaching resources, and more.
  • Childhood ADHD Increases Risk of Substance Abuse
    New studies have found additional evidence that kids with ADHD are at higher risk of being dependent on alcohol and tobacco when they're adults. (The correlation with other drugs is less clear.)
  • Is Medicaid Irrelevant?
    The juvenile justice system and adolescent treatment providers rely heavily on Medicaid to underwrite services for the low-income families they serve. But as Medicaid reimbursement rates drop, so do the number of service providers willing to accept it, making Medicaid cards virtually useless for many families. (Hat tip to @PreferredFamily.)


Updated: February 08 2018