Let Teens Talk About Mental Illness; News Roundup

Juvenile Justice Reform

  • Attorney: Girl in Stabbing Deserves Juvenile Court (The Journal Times)
    Wisconsin's tough laws requiring children be charged as adults in homicide cases could mean a 12-year-old girl accused of stabbing a friend won't get help she needs, her attorney said Tuesday.
  • 'Burning Down The House' Makes The Case Against Juvenile Incarceration (NPR Books)
    Bernstein's new book, Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison, takes an in-depth look at juvenile incarceration. The journalist has spent years covering the juvenile justice system, and has interviewed hundreds of young people in detention facilities.
  • Reducing Adolescent Involvement in the Juvenile Justice System (Syracuse News)
    “This is an opportunity for us to use our research skills in a way that engages with the community and potentially makes a difference,” says Mulvaney. “We want to identify the adolescents before they get involved with the system.”

Jobs, Grants, Events and Webinars

  • Please share the Reclaiming Futures Opportunity Board with your colleagues in the juvenile justice, adolescent substance abuse and teen mental health areas. It's free to browse and post!

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health

  • Tune In Live: Reclaiming Futures at the White House (Reclaiming Futures)
    Tune in this Tuesday, June 10, to the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)’s live video stream of the Academic Achievement Summit. ONDCP and the Department of Education are teaming up to explore how substance abuse affects academic achievement, with the goal of catalyzing action, especially at the local level.
  • Three Innovative Ways to Address Mental Health Issues (The Washington Post)
    To avoid tragedies, solutions are needed. One area of real promise is early intervention—before crises occur. NAMI and Cigna have identified three key, no-nonsense, cost-effective innovations that should be examined for replication nationwide.
  • Let Teens Talk About Mental Illness (CNN)
    Cheryl Jacques, executive director of the Southeastern Mental Health Authority, said kids suffering with mental illness are craving information that can help them make sense of what they're feeling.

Cecilia Bianco is an account executive for Prichard Communications. She contributes to the Reclaiming Futures blog regarding topics of juvenile justice reform and substance abuse prevention.

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Updated: June 06 2014