Kind Love vs. Tough Love – What’s A Parent To Do? News Roundup

Juvenile Justice Reform

  • Rehabilitated Life, Reformed Juvenile System (
    A series of reforms spurred by a state panel that investigated the kids-for-cash case has transformed the handling of juvenile cases under the leadership of Ciavarella's successor, Juvenile Court Judge David W. Lupas.
  • Report Suggest Changes for Juvenile Justice Health Services (
    A recent review of medical services provided to youths by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice found care adequate but makes numerous recommendations. Among other things, the American Correctional Association suggests that the juvenile centers adhere to regular sick call times, establish effective infectious-disease control plans and require less administrative work for nurses.
  • [Slideshow] Juvenile Justice Center Groundbreaking (
    Bibb County, Georgia Commission Chairman Sam Hart speaks at the groundbreaking for Bibb County's new Juvenile Justice Center on Friday morning.

Jobs, Grants, Events and Webinars

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health

  • Commentary: Rx Summit Features More Than 120 Presenters (
    More than 120 presenters lead a national discussion about ways to “Make An Impact” on the prescription drug abuse epidemic at the 2013 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit earlier this week.
  • Kind Love vs. Tough Love – What’s A Parent To Do? A Q&A with Maia Szalavitz, Part I (
    "I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Szalavitz about her work. Following is the first in a four-part series. Here, Ms. Szalavitz shares her insights into how parents can better deal with their teens’ and young adults’ drug and alcohol abuse problems."
  • The Secret to Fixing School Discipline Problems? Change the Behavior of Adults (
    "Two kindergarteners at Cherokee Point Elementary School in San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood get into a fight on the playground. Their teacher sends them to the principal’s office. Instead of suspending or expelling the six-year-olds, as happens in many schools, Principal Godwin Higa ushers them to his side of the desk. He sits down so that he can talk with them eye-to-eye and quietly asks: 'What happened?' He points to one of the boys. 'You go first.'"

juvenile-justice-system_David-BackesDavid Backes writes the Friday news roundup for Reclaiming Futures and contributes articles about juvenile justice reform and adolescent substance abuse treatment to He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Santa Clara University. David works as an account executive for Prichard Communications.

Updated: February 08 2018