Juvenile Justice Reform - Family Leadership Institute

juvenile-justice-reform_CFYJ-logoWow. Earlier this week, I blogged about a great opportunity to help youth, family members, and leaders of color become more effective juvenile justice advocates.
Now, here's another chance to do the same thing, organized by our friends at the Campaign for Youth Justice. They'll be holding a Leadership Institute for Families in Baltimore, Maryland in May 25-27, 2010. The application is attached.
Here's what they say about it (with a few edits from me):

Purpose of the Institute
We want to offer family members the opportunity to obtain the skills we believe make for great community organizers and leaders. There are many families (millions!) out in the world that have been negatively affected by the criminal justice system.  We need folks out there in their own states working to bring all of these folks together to demand change.
Event Agenda
This gathering will be 2-1/2 days of intense learning and sharing. Our topics will include a brief history of the juvenile and criminal justice systems, a history of people's movements in the US, racism and its intersection with the juvenile and criminal justice systems, tools for organizing in your community, tools for networking with people in your state and nationally, developing a plan for your area and much more!
What's the Cost?
There will be no cost to you if you are selected to participate.
Leaders of Color Encouraged to Apply
We know that the criminal and juvenile justice systems affect people of color disproportionately and we are striving to have this reflected in our gathering.  We encourage folks of color to apply and ask that our allies encourage folks they know to apply as well. 

Here's the application form. The deadline to submit is March 15, 2010.  

Updated: March 21 2018