Juvenile Justice Reform: 11 Lessons in Avoiding Implementation Failure

juvenile-justice-reform-avoiding-implementation-failure-coverIs your jurisdiction engaged in reforming its juvenile justice system? Want to make sure everything goes as planned?
Then check out a new guide from the Center for Court Innovation and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, titled Avoiding Failures of Implementation: Lessons from Process Evaluations.

The Center reviewed 13 projects focused on "'problem-solving justice'—court-based efforts [in the criminal and juvenile justice systems] to address the underlying problems of defendants, victims, and communities." The Center extracted 11 lessons from its review, which it organized into four general areas: engaging in comprehensive planning; identifying key stakeholders; dealing with emerging challenges; and the need for leadership. 
While none of the lessons will come as a surprise to students of organizational change, they're no less relevant. If you want to make sure your juvenile justice reform process is successful -- or you're worried that your implementation effort is on shaky ground -- I highly recommend reviewing this short document.

Updated: February 08 2018