Juvenile Justice & Adolescent Substance Abuse Issues - Who’s Tweeting About Them?

juvenile-justice-adolescent-substance-abuse-Twitter-logoHello, I’m person behind the Reclaiming Futures Twitter account. As you know, Twitter is a free service where people post very short updates and links.
If you’re like many professionals in the fields of juvenile justice and adolescent substance abuse, you might think that Twitter has nothing to offer you. And while that might once have been true, nothing could be further from the truth now.
What are some of the ways you can use Twitter and to support your work?

  • Exchange ideas about juvenile justice and substance abuse treatment. 
  • Many people post links, so use it like a search engine. 
  • Show support for others by following them. 
  • Demonstrate the good work of your organization.

Just as there are many popular and influential juvenile justice and substance abuse treatment Facebook pages, there are a lot of people and organizations on Twitter who “tweet” – post brief updates – about these topics.
The following Twitter feeds, ranked in order by the number of followers, are important contributors to the online conversation about juvenile justice and adolescent treatment and have been good resources for us. Many are new to Twitter, so please don’t judge their influence solely by the number of followers.
Please note:
Follower counts were taken a few weeks ago, so aren’t up-to-the-minute. Also, all of the Twitter feeds listed below:

  •     Are active in 2010
  •     Post frequently on the topics of juvenile justice and/or adolescent treatment or are run by organizations that have a significant financial or organizational commitment to those policy areas. 

Be sure to let us know whom we missed! 
Curious about using Twitter, but don’t know how? Check out this introduction to Twitter. And don't forget to follow Reclaiming Futures on Twitter!

Lori-Howell-photoLori Howell is a seasoned public affairs practitioner with a background in public policy, fundraising, and education. Lori helps clients with online editorial services, media relations, and publications.

Updated: February 08 2018