Juvenile Court, Teen Substance Abuse, and Working with Prosecutors: a Webinar

juvenile-court_gears-meshingReclaiming Futures depends for its success on the creation of multi-disciplinary teams at the local level. We ask participating jurisdictions to begin with a judge, probation officer, treatment provider, community representative, and project director. We encourage communities to expand from there, and most do -- after all, there's usually a lot more players who need to be at the table to make significant, lasting reforms.
But many jurisdictions -- whether they're engaged in Reclaiming Futures or some other juvenile justice reform effort -- stumble when it comes to including prosecutors. Yet their support and participation can be key.
That's why we're offering this webinar, "Working with Prosecutors," presented by Susan Broderick, J.D., on September 22, 2011 at 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT.  UPDATE: Ms. Broderick's webinar has been archived on this page - just search for her name or by the title of the webinar.

This webinar will explore the critical role that prosecutors play with regard to substance abuse issues in juvenile court and dispel the notion that prosecutors are only concerned with “locking kids up”.
Susan will discuss the significant role DAs serve in all aspects of these cases — from prevention through intervention and continuing care efforts. She will highlight their role in diverting kids from the juvenile justice system and their efforts to find alternatives that address underlying issues in order to prevent them from returning to court.
The webinar will also offer specific strategies that will encourage engagement and collaboration to create a true multi-disciplinary response to this national substance abuse problem among our youth.

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About the presenter:
juvenile-court_Susan-BroderickSusan Broderick is the Project Director of the Models for Change Initiative at Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform. As a former Deputy Bureau Chief in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, Susan works closely with prosecutors and multi-disciplinary team members from across the country to educate and coordinate their efforts on all aspects juvenile justice reform, including the issue of substance abuse.
Photo: ralphbijker, under Creative Commons license.

Updated: February 08 2018