Juvenile Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence

Reduce Gun Violence picThe number of youth falling victim to gun violence is a very serious issue for society. Homicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds. The troubling trend of gun violence has lead many communities to work together to address the problem. On May 5, 2015, Montgomery County Juvenile Court Judge Anthony Capizzi hosted the Juvenile Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (JCIRGV) Call-In. Since 2010, Montgomery County Juvenile Court has hosted six Call-In sessions, serving a total of 87 at-risk youth. The youth are identified through Montgomery County Juvenile Court after collaborating with the Dayton Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The youth selected are at a high risk to be the victims or the perpetrators of gun violence. They have also been identified as being associated with a gang or organized criminal activity.

The Juvenile Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (JCIRGV) is comprised of the Dayton Police Department, Trotwood Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, F.B.I., A.T.F., U.S. Marshall, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office and Montgomery County Juvenile Court. This multi-jurisdictional, multiagency, mutual effort is intended to quickly and effectively reduce gun violence and associated homicides. JCIRGV is collaborating with state and federal law agencies, social service providers, and the community to present a clear message that gun violence must stop.

This Call-In was unique from the previous five. This year Montgomery County Juvenile Court conducted a live video streaming monologue from Lebanon Correctional Institute. The two inmates, who previously attended JCIRGV Call-Ins, provided a powerful message about prison life. They stressed to our kids the importance of making good decisions, getting an education and getting the necessary help from the court. They encouraged the youth to listen to the advice they are given and to use the various community resources that Montgomery County has to offer. All youth in attendance received the message to stop the cycle of violence that could lead to death or incarceration. Participants were provided information to assist in finding employment and mental health and drug and alcohol counseling services in the community.

Updated: February 08 2018