How to Support National Prevention Week 2015: “The Voice of One, the Power of All”

NPW15This week is National Prevention Week 2015 and the theme is “The Voice of One, the Power of All,” emphasizing the importance of communities and individuals coming together to help each other lead healthy, productive lives.

Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Prevention Week is an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues that brings individuals, organizations, coalitions, states, and communities together through local events to educate the public about the importance of preventing substance abuse and mental disorders before they occur.

As always, National Prevention Week takes place right before the school year ends, both to encourage the participation of schools and also to educate young people before the start of summer—a season that typically increases recreational activities and events that tend to spark substance abuse.

This year, there are suggested health topics for each day of National Prevention Week to help guide community events:

  • Prevention of Tobacco Use (Monday, May 18)
  • Prevention of Underage Drinking & Alcohol Abuse (Tuesday, May 19)
  • Prevention of Opioid & Prescription Drug Abuse (Wednesday, May 20)
  • Prevention of Illicit Drug Use & Youth Marijuana Use (Thursday, May 21)
  • Prevention of Suicide (Friday, May 22)
  • Promotion of Mental Health & Wellness (Saturday, May 23)

There are many tools, provided by SAMHSA, to help you get involved on each and every day!

The Prevention Pledge
Available on SAMHSA’s Facebook page, this Pledge is an easy way for individuals to join an online community committed to a healthier lifestyle and discuss prevention with others.

“I Choose” Project
This project invites people to take a photo of themselves, their family, or friends holding a sign with a written statement expressing why they choose prevention. SAMHSA then shares the “I Choose” photos in an online photo gallery for others to see, both as a source of inspiration and also to provide a fun and meaningful way to get involved.

National Prevention Week Toolkit
Interested in hosting an event? SAMHSA has you covered. This toolkit includes information to guide the planning, promotion and implementation of prevention-themed events.

SAMHSA has several webinars—both recorded previously and upcoming live online events—to keep you updated on current topics in prevention. The next one is on May 20: Responding to the Prescription Misuse Epidemic: Promising Prevention Programs and Useful Resources.

For more information, visit the SAMHSA National Prevention Week 2015 webpage.

Updated: February 08 2018